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Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
says technology and financial sector stocks seem most stretched. he still sees value in energy and health care, so far this year the broad-based s&p 500 index is up more than 26%. >>> well, jim paulson is not buying the bubble talk, saying there is still a lot of upside in the market, jim, nice to have you with us. so tell us why you're not expecting any bubble trouble after a nobel prize winning economist says that things are vulnerable. >> you know, susie, i think the primary thing that creates sort of a bubble economy and ultimately a recession is just simply too much confidence about the future. when all the players, consumers, businesses, policy officials, everybody gets really bullish about the future they start to engage in dumb behaviors, they stretch the balance sheets, hire too many people and buy that second summer home and that is the thing that ultimately has to be corrected. and i think that confidence is better today but we're still at confidence levels that are below average by a long-term historic norm, and i think the description i would give is we're more com
Dec 3, 2013 12:00am PST
, are you religious, this or that. >> i believe in einstein and the theory of relativity and that energy never dies. >> rose: have you been on stage doing all the things that are you so renowned for among your friends, mandy the conversationalist, mandy who has some take on the way the world works and the way human beings work. have you ever taken that to the stage and done a kind of one man show? >> this is what i do. when i do my concerts this is what i just did with nathan gunn. >> so you talk about life as well as singing. >> i do different concerts. when i do my solo concerts or my show with nathan it's less structured. it's less formalize. when i do my show with patti lapointe it's more skripted. there is one section more free form. the more free form pieces which is the basic concert that at this do which is called dress casual which is just different all the time, it's smorgasbord of material, but i also say what hits me. recently i was in australia and it was the day before thanksgiving. and nathan said something about thanksgiving. and it just hit me. and i want thanksgiving, y
Dec 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
cargo is suitably well protected. agency rnational energy aid at the time the truck was stolen the source was shielded. but it could be dangerous if removed from the shielding or if damaged. >> that is certainly a worry for residents. >> we're going have to to demand our authorities find as soon as possible and i'm worried family. >> it can effect pregnant informants women, teenagers and elderly. it's serious. >> police remain on ahrart for the proceeds what they think is routine robbery which seems and to have unintended dangerous consequences. spoke a re on this, i to someone. o >> this reads like a bad thriller what went on in mexico. it appears as you said in your introduction that a used ctive source that is in cancer treatment was in a van van-jacked.n was and the source was taken. he big question at this stage is did the thieves who took it have any idea what they were taking. the mexican authorities say that they didn't, that there was no to ence they were leaked terrorism. if the mexican authorities was deliberate at was a terror wrist strike then there much more reaso
Dec 5, 2013 4:00pm PST
and the energy of a campaign that spanned six decades. really underlining what a remarkable life he led. close we're used to the story. it is at a time like this where you cannot reflect on what he achieved and to recognize those milestones in his life. three decades in prison and how that transformed him, not just as a man but as a leader. obviously, he was south africa's first black president and the way in which he led the country, that five years in which he led the country. it was a different south africa. , someonesouth africa is talking about peace. he is inviting investors to come to south africa because south africa is rich in minerals. people wanted to internationalize those that has they belong to them. it was a different story. now, south africans are looking and that country as if mandela wouldt preach that, it have been a different south africa that we are seeing now. >> i think that is what people are reflecting. david cameron, the prime .inister >> tonight, one of the brightest lights of our world has gone out. nelson mandela was not just a hero of our time -- >> makes sense of in
Dec 5, 2013 7:00pm PST
% this year and managed to eke out a profit in two of the last four quarters. solar city, the renewable energy company more than quadrupled but yet to turn a profit since going public last year. just because profits are not slowing now doesn't mean they won't slow in the future. >> a lot of these companies are investing large amounts of money and that's why they have losses but you have to see a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of profitability. if that light is not going to come, the valuations are not close to being substanuated. >> reporter: the stock market didn't reach a peak until three years after green span expressed his concerns. that's why some traders think the market still has room to run. for "nightly business report" i'm dominic chu. >>> there was a runup in shares of timewarner cable before the closing bell today and that's where we begin the market focus. just before 4:00 eastern time it was reported the cable operator would likely accept a 150 to 160 billion-dollar buy off offer. no word who the buyer might be but there is speculation that tops communications, charter a
Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
business. >> we think so, tyler. the fact is we're bullish on the energy renaissance that's being taken place here in the united states. it has great portfolio assets, a lot of rigs in the shale and gulf of mexico and nonetheless. so what they are using the best and most current technology available and a hand some dividend trading 12 times earnings in a mid-sized company. >> your next stock make goes along with the international theme, tall international. that's tal ticker symbol. this stock almost doubled this past year. is there still upside? what's the attraction? >> we think so. the head quartered company with again, a really attractive dividend yield around 5%, over, once again trading 12 times forward earnings. the business of shipping will be good on the back of increased domestic and global trade and needless to say this will be a company we believe will fit neatly into that opportunity. >> let's go to pick number three and i have a couple questions, japan dxj, the wisdom tree hedged equity fund. i assume etf. why an etf in japan as opposed to picking a stock there and what doe
Dec 6, 2013 12:00am PST
that you need order to play a living human being i think is what goes on inside. how much energy is needed to be that person. and with mandela, it's a very lower energy. he's very quiet. inside he's quiet. i learned that. he's commanding. he has most commanding presence without being lordly. he doesn't walk into a room as nelson mandela, he walks into a room as madiba, as an orphan. he doesn't take the room, the room givers itself. quiet he's always been i think. when he first got into robin island and they issued short pants to everybody except to akmad, the one indian among them, he rejected his long pants and madiba said no, no, no, put them on. we're all going to have long pants. and then he said to himself, are hear going to call me mister. how did he do that? so he hears that a guard's child is sick. the guard comes to work and he says good morning, how is your baby. is he all right, the baby. thing like that. you know, he doesn't feel like the big success that we all hold him up as. he thinks of himself personally, deep inside as a failure. because of his family life. he couldn't do
Dec 5, 2013 12:00am PST
-- >> see if it works. and it does. >> rose: and it will change america's energy future. >> remarkable. >> rose: that's one of the great sort of -- >> what a breakthrough. imagine getting all this gas at $2 an n.c.f. where people in europe are paying that price. >> rose: how did you decide it worked? >> i could see this process -- first of all, you talk to them and you say -- wild catting you drill four wells and you're lucky you hit on one out of four these are all either a-plus or b plus wells. so what cost can you do it at? and you own the land. the costs are still going down. faster, quicker, less sand, less water. >> rose: are there environmental threats coming out of it? >> as you know, there's usually about 11,000 feet and the water is 2,000 feet so if you make a mistake it goes down. so they can make mistakes. >> rose: great to see you. peter lynch, back in a moment, stay with us. >> and philistine was sent down, their mighty warrior, is a giant. he's 6'9, he's outfitted head to toe in this glittering bronze armor and he's got a sword and he's got a javelin and a spear. he is a
Dec 4, 2013 12:00am PST
of destruction of nuclear energy. things like that. >> rose: could you make a nice little sweet him? a love story? >> i'm doing it but it has ghosts and murder. >> rose: i know! but can we do it without ghosts and murdered? >> when we talk about it, one day i will love to do "the heart is a lonely hunter." the carson mcculler -- it has no supernatural but it spoke to me in my youth on a very personal level. but i haven't -- i'm still busy with monsters right now. >> rose: i know. can you explain it to me, though other than the fact that you're influenced by bradbury and ackerman and you had an unhappy childhood, whatever. >> i think whenever you're born with sensibility and intelligence you're going to have an unhappy childhood. to some degree you're not going to fit in the outdoor sportsman world. you're going to channel it somewhere. and as i kid i was 70 years old. i was a hypochondriac. i read the family medicine encyclopedia in my house and diagnosed myself with every disease known to man. >> rose: well you know -- you were interested in monsters. >> always. when i used to go to a church --
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)